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Our Story

Welcome to Beauty Statement.

In today's world, beauty is no longer ruled by norms or traditions. We are more than ever able to define and to create our own beauty. Beauty Statement emerged from this idea of formation.

In the past our team have been inspired so much by the spirit of the beauty community in the pursuit of personalized styles that we, ourselves, have always wanted to become part of that force which shapes, accentuates and empowers beauty and individuality. In 2016, we made our first step to live our dream: we created Beauty Statement and based on an excessive amount of research, we managed to put together a broad range of products favored by the beauty community. We will continue our efforts in discovering new products to expand our product selection. What's more, we are and will be working our best to present the products with quality service and utmost care.

We encourage everyone of you to find your beauty identity and to live it out loud in your everyday look - the same way as we express our passion for beauty here at Beauty Statement.

Join us. Be Bold.